About Us

Modalita textile was established by adopting an innovative company mission focused on export, taking steps by thinking the future with its broad vision. Modalita textile, which has been established since 1993 to present its experience in knitted home textile products to the European market, has proven its strength and reliability in the field of production and export day by day.
Modalita Tekstil, which serves with knitting and apparel departments, has a perfectionist service policy with its internationally valid certificates, which adds value to its customers in the sector, reveals its difference with its high quality understanding.

To supply / produce first quality products to the world by using innovative management and control systems that are internationally valid.


• Unconditional customer satisfaction
• Closely following and applying technological developments
• Superior quality production
• Fulfilling our social responsibilities
• Well-trained workforce
• To be the best in the home textile industry by working in line with the principles of respect for the environment and people.

Modalita Tekstil